Our Mission

Our mission is to create the highest quality virtual photographs and tours. We take a holistically approach to each project and view every location as an opportunity to do something meaningful.  

Who we are

We are a collective of Passionate Photographers, Filmmakers and Creatives specializing in 360º Panoramic photography.
Our Team is comprised of Trusted Google Street View Photographers. We maintain the highest standards of image quality, and take a design thinking approach to aesthetics.

How good is our equipment

We take our work seriously. That’s why we use the highest quality equipment available. We are capable of shooting 40 megapixel 360 degree panoramic photos and 24 megapixels from our aerial platform.

Our equipment is professional grade. We use state of the art mirrorless digital cameras and the highest grade lenses.

How we can help improve your business

More than ever, customers tend to research companies before investing in the product. For brick and mortar businesses, one of the strongest tools to attract visitors to your business, is Google.

The best visual depictions of your business that prospective customers will consistently see, are the images attached to your business listing on Google Maps.   At Map Gallery, we capture high quality virtual imagery of your business, venue or space. Additionally we can add 360º photography of your business to the most widely accessed virtual map in the world, Google Maps & Street View.We help showcase your brand, vision, and business to the world.

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